At Grubbybub, we have put a lot of research, effort and endless field testing into our very first product.

We are proud to present our Puddle Suit, designed to be Easy Wear - Easy Care.

Splashing in waterfalls, jumping in puddles, rolling down grassy hills, making mud castles, snow play, bush walks, camping, wet sports days, sand pit adventures, rainy day school pick ups…

Grubbybub’s Puddle Suit is your go-to for all adventures that might be damp, cold, wet, messy – anything fun! Our suit protects kids from the rain and cold; keeps clothes clean and dry; and bodies warm while they play.



Much like our puddle suits our grubberalls (grubby overalls, get it?), are meant for all things outdoor - winter days exploring rock pools, wet park equipment adventures, arts and crafts, on the go adventures, bush kindy, nature play and more.

Designed for the cooler, long days of Spring and Autumn, Grubbybub’s Grubberalls are your go-to for all adventures requiring small bodies to be mobile, dry, warm and clean.

Blue gumboots with neoprene adjustable calf topper, showing all the features of the gumboot


Our gumboots are a good splash above your regular gumboot.

They offer kids more protection from splashes, crashes and chills by adding a neoprene topper that tightens around the calf, deflecting excess water outside the boot.

You know that first big puddle, that turns regular gumboots into miniature, muddy swimming pools? SOLVED.

AND - they come delivered in a recycled cotton carry bag that is perfectly sized for another life as a book or toy bag!

The perfect companion to our Puddle Suits and Grubberalls, check out our Bundles page to level up your next adventure...