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Waterproof Clothing for Kids: The Ultimate Guide

The secret to endless fun: How to select the right waterproof clothing for your kids

Waterproof clothing for kids is a total game-changer for parents. It’s essential for keeping them dry, cosy, and protected during rainy days and outdoor adventures. With waterproof gear, your kids can splash in puddles, explore nature, and have a blast while fostering a love for the outdoors and staying active. 

Outdoor play develops coordination, confidence, balance, agility, and cognitive skills. The list of benefits goes on and on. So, whether you are planning a camping trip or just want to get more active with the family, having waterproof gear means that your kids can play, rain, hail, or shine!

Different Types of Waterproof Clothing

There are many different kinds of waterproof clothing for kids, from kids' rain suits to toddlers' puddle suits and even gumboots, there is something for every child. 

Rain Jackets

Rain jackets are the hallmark of waterproof clothing. With their distinctive yellow colour and hooded design, they are great for acting as a shield from rain. If you're thinking about buying rain jackets for your little ones, there are a few things to consider.

The most important thing you should look out for when shopping for a rain jacket is sealed seams. Sealed seams are what separate water-resistant jackets from waterproof jackets. Without sealed seams, rain jackets are just water-resistant, meaning that a few hours of rainy play will leave your little ones soaked as water slowly seeps through the exposed seams. 

You should also think about hoods and adjustable cuffs. Not only are these features great for helping to keep your kiddies warm and dry, but they also come in handy as your kids continue to grow. Having adjustable features allows you to stretch the wear time of your rain jackets that little bit longer.

Although rain jackets are great for rain protection, they do have a few pitfalls. Rain jackets aren't ideal for outdoor adventures as they only protect half of the body. While your child's shirts may stay dry and clean, the bottom half of them won't! Their lightweight design also means that their use is pretty much limited to rain only as they don't provide warmth for colder conditions.

Rain Pants

Rain pants are very similar to rain jackets; they are just made for legs instead of arms! They are often paired with rain jackets to create a makeshift full-body rain suit.

Rain pants are ideal for children who are sitting, crawling, and playing on damp surfaces. This may include exploring the playground after it rains, playing on wet grass, or jumping in puddles. If you’re an adventure family, they are also great for hiking in wet conditions to protect little legs.

Similar to rain jackets, rain pants only protect half of the body, which means for ultimate rain protection, you will have to invest in both a rain jacket and pants. The material that most rain pants are made out of also provides little to no ventilation. Meaning that water is kept out, but sweat and body heat are kept in, which can feel quite uncomfortable.

Our Grubberalls are a great alternative to rain pants as they are made specifically for Australian weather. They are lightweight and breathable, meaning your kids can stay warm and protected from the elements without overheating. The overall design also offers more protection than just pants. Simply pair them with a rain jacket or an old shirt, and your kids are ready to go.

A long haired happy toddler girl wearing deep sea green waterproof grubberall wader pants and gumboots makes a huge muddy splash by jumping


Gumboots are the #1 essential for outdoor play. With a sturdy pair of boots, your kids can stomp and splash in puddles, run through autumn leaves, and frolic pretty much anywhere while keeping their little feet nice and warm. Not only do gumboots protect from water and mud, but they also need to be sturdy enough to support your child's ankles and legs when they are running and jumping.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the right pair of gumboots for your mini-me’s. Because gumboots are typically used in wet and muddy conditions, it's probable they'll be slippery. This means a solid grip on the soles of the boots is very important. To ensure feet and socks stay dry, you also want to look for boots that are reinforced at the top to keep water out.

The GrubbyBub gumboots have been specifically designed to address all of these needs. The reinforced seams and eyelets mean that zero water is getting in. The extra depth grip also means you can say goodbye to muddy slips and falls. All of our boots are cotton-lined and made of natural rubber, providing comfort year-round. For extra protection, you can pair them with our Grubberalls, which have an adjustable foot stirrup designed to fit over gumboots

A shot of kids legs, wearing just peachy pink gumboots with an adjustable toggle top, splashing in a muddy puddle

Rain Suits

Rain suits are pretty much the epitome of waterproof clothing for kids, boasting full-body coverage for maximum protection. Think of a rain suit as a rain jacket and rain pants love child, a waterproof body suit perfect for any occasion.

Rain suits are built for any adventure that may be damp, cold, wet, or messy. They cover arms, legs, heads, chests - everything. They are waterproof, breathable, flexible, and most importantly - protect clothes from getting wet and dirty, which means less laundry for parents.

Designed for serious adventure and comfort, the GrubbyBub puddle suits are your answer to kids' rain suits. These suits are 100% waterproof, adjustable, and built to grow with your child. Plus, they are designed to be a little baggy so that you can layer clothing underneath to ensure warmth. They also have an adjustable foot stirrup to put over gum boots to keep out any and all water. Our extensive sizing ranges from toddler rain suits to kids rain suits, so nobody misses out on the fun!

Choosing the Right Kids' Waterproof Clothing

Clearly, there are a lot of different options for kids' waterproof clothing. To ensure you're buying the right gear for your child, consider the following factors:


Consider where and how your children will be using their wet-weather clothing. If you’re just planning to use them on rainy days, a rain jacket may suffice. Or maybe you're planning a camping adventure or trip to the snow, in which case you're going to want the heavy-duty stuff like our puddle suits and gumboots. What is right for your family will depend on your level of activity and adventure.


You also want to think about the breathability of your waterproof items. Having breathable waterproof gear ensures that the fabric is able to absorb and release moisture from the inside out. This stops a build-up of sweat and moisture, meaning that your children won’t get too hot while playing. It also helps to stop wet and smelly odours from forming. 

We recommend opting for breathable fabric for any higher-intensity activities like exploring, playing and walking. However, if the activities you plan on undertaking are relatively low intensity, this may not be as important.


Buying clothes for children can be difficult; it can seem like they are a different height every week! If you’re investing in good quality waterproof gear, we recommend sizing up to ensure maximum wear time. This is also helpful if you are wanting to layer clothes underneath for maximum warmth in cold conditions (such as the snow!).

Easy to Clean

We find that one of the greatest things about waterproof clothing for kids is how it helps to cut down your laundry loads. Some waterproof gear protects clothes against stains from water, dirt, and mud. Consider how messy your activities usually get and opt for easy-to-clean, stain-proof clothing.


Selecting the ideal waterproof clothing is no easy task. It requires careful consideration of factors like breathability, level of waterproofing, and maintenance. When choosing the right pieces for your children, investing in high-quality clothing is highly recommended to ensure their safety as they embark on their adventures. Explore our collection of kids' waterproof gear today, and regardless of the weather, create unforgettable and positive memories.

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