10 Rainy Day Activities To Do Outside

10 Rainy Day Activities To Do Outside

Who said we have to stay inside on rainy days? With the kids bouncing off the walls, climbing the door jams, and creating chaos…. No thanks! My house stays a heck of a lot cleaner when the kids are outside 😂

 Alfred Wainwright said it, and I agree! “There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!”

With the right equipment, there is no need to sacrifice your sanity to stay indoors. Get the kids dressed in their rain suits and gumboots and set them free outside.


Check out these fifteen ideas (all of them free!) to keep the kids happy, yourself calm, and make some memories!


  1. The Classic: Puddle Hunting

Pop on a puddle suit and gumboots (preferably adjustable ones that tighten around their calves and keep the puddles where they belong) and head to the nearest park, oval or open area and go hunting!

Encourage them to splash, add to numeracy by counting aloud with them and see who can make the biggest splash!



  1. Scavenger Hunt


Create a list of natural items – leaves, rocks, flowers, twigs, shells, ferns etc. – pop them into some waterproof rain pants (add a rain jacket if it’s still raining) and head to the nearest bush walk, nature trail, beach or park.
Let them explore, watch their excitement, and use their natural curiosity to add in some learning, like bug or plant names, or even some lug lifecycle knowledge!


For older kids, increase the difficulty of the list. Add specific native plants, or extend learning to include deciduous/evergreen trees. Or include harder to find items, like unopened buds, or fallen seeds.


  1. Rainy Day Obstacle Course


Set up a course in the back yard, using hoops, sticks, skipping ropes etc. Add in some natural elements like puddles, or rocks and get the kids ready in their wet weather gear and gumboots.

Add excitement by using the good old stopwatch on your phone, and let them race themselves or siblings and friends.


Bonus points for creating an obstacle course around naturally occurring obstacles at the park, or on a nature trail!



  1. DIY Rain Art


Arm up your kiddies in their raincoats or rain suits, add in paint brushes, chunks of sponge, or leaves and twigs.
Set out some washable paints, and sheets of paper. Let them create designs, and watch the raindrops mix the colours, and make patterns on their creations.

You could also use the opportunity talk about the colour spectrum, primary, secondary and tertiary colours and even water displacement if you wanted!

Hang the masterpieces up to dry (flat is best, as the paper will be delicate after being wet) and see what they and Mother Nature have created together!


  1. Raindrop Orchestra


Gather various containers, of different sizes and shapes – tupperware, plant pots, old milk bottles, cups, saucepans, or whatever comes to hand. Set them all out in the rain, pop the kids into their waterproof rain suits, and listen to how different each container sounds as the rain falls into it!


If your kids are big enough, you could also try to make different glass containers resonate by running your wet fingers around the rim!



  1. Rainy Day Gardening


This one is a nice, simple one. Dress them in their raincoats and rain pants and help them learn the difference between a weed and the plants you want in your garden.
Dig some holes, plant some seeds and explain to them the importance of rain for plants and animals.


  1. Mud Kitchen Fun


A mud kitchen is fun on the sunniest of days. Add in the rain, and ALL THAT WATER and you’ve got yourself a fabulous day of play!
Get them ready in rain jackets and gumboots (add waterproof overalls or waders for extra protection), give them a bunch of old containers to tip, pour, catch and transport rain in and you’re set!


For added fun, you could add some food colouring drops, scooping utensils and sponges.




  1. Rainy Day Picnic


Now, this one can be done inside or outside, depending on your level of enthusiasm 😂


Pack a picnic lunch and set out:

  • Choose a spot by the window to watch and listen to the rain
  • Unfold the picnic blanket undercover on the porch or deck
  • Head to your local park with your wet weather gear on, and use a covered picnic bench
  • Head to your local beach and set up the sunshade tent or cool cabana


Enjoy a thermos style hot chocolate (or a warm milo, for all our fellow Aussies!, decked out in your rainproof jackets, and a yummy lunch, feeling cosy and close to nature.


  1. DIY Rain Gauge


Create your own rain gauge using an upcycled plastic bottle. Grab a marker, and some scissors. Cut the top off the bottle to make a wide neck. Then head into the kitchen for a measuring cup, spoon or medicine syringe.


Fill up a measured amount of water and pour it into your rain gauge, then mark the height with a line. Repeat with the same amount of water, making sure to record how many millilitres it takes to reach each line.


Place your rain gauge out in an open space, then check and record however many times the kids like!



  1. Nature Crafting


This one is such a classic! Gather fallen sticks and leaves and create yourselves some boats! Float them in puddles, under bridges and down water streams! Experiment with different sizes and styles, and different materials.

This one will definitely be bringing back some memories, so be ready with the gumboots, raincoats and camera!

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